In 2012 Krista earned her BS in Brain and Cognitive Science from MIT which precipitated her passion for applying psychological and neurological pedagogy for community development and social change through music and play. She has taught in the downtown districts of Hawaii's public schools, directed the Mosaic after school and summer programs (Mount Anthony Union Middle School), teaches annually at the Appalachian Institute for Creative Learning (Mars Hill, NC) and continues to devote herself to musical education independently and within alternative communities.

Ms. Speroni has performed in a multitude of venues from Lincoln Center with Gamelan Galak Tika, the ICA in Boston, to the bush in Kaolak, Senegal. She has sung with "The Long Count", a "rock opera" multi-media installation by Matthew Richie featuring Aaron and Bryce Dessner (The National), Shara Worden (My Brightest Diamond) and Evan Ziporyn (MIT’s Center for Art, Science & Technology). She currently plays bass with Billy Wylder, a 4-piece folk-rock band based out of Boston with sensibilities from the Sahara Desert.

“A spiritual cousin to Paul Simon’s Graceland” –Seven Days 


Speroni has studied traditional Senegalese percussion (Sabar) under master drummer, Lamine Touré and was mentored by ethnomusicologist and author of Masters of the Sabar: Wolof Griot Percussionists of Senegal, Patricia Tang. She rose as a student leader in Rambax MIT during their immersive travels to Senegal. Her love of West African rhythm has deeply influenced her musical tastes and style, blending traditional rhythms with soulful, ethereal melodies.

Sometimes she appears as Spero, a songstress with a fondness for loops and anything Funky. Her ethereal grooves, soulful voice and dark lyrics float over an original twist on fingerstyle guitar. Her original compositions are luscious, new blends of her journeys through jazz, folk and world rhythms.